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At the Vision & Conceptual Development Center we are dedicated exclusively to developmental optometry.  We work to help our patients develop the visual skills necessary for success in life.   People come from all over the world as well as the local Washington D.C. area.

The Vision & Conceptual Development Center is known world-wide for the work we do helping patients who are developmentally challenged.  Whether your child is on the autism spectrum or has other challenges, we have found that visual development deficits are often playing a role in the child’s difficulties.   We have helped children with a wide variety of challenges overcome their vision problems and lead happier and more productive lives.

In addition to helping children, we also treat adults with a variety of eye-coordination vision problems such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (eye turn), convergence insufficiency (a condition where the two eyes don’t aim properly at close distances causing blurry or doubled images), computer vision syndrome, or other vision problems which have occurred as the result of a brain injury such as a stroke or accident.

The Vision & Conceptual Development Center is unique in offering vision therapies specifically designed to treat visuo-cognitive delays (visual problems which interfere with cognitive function).  While we work with all children and all children’s vision problems, our specialty is in working with visuo-cognitive difficulties, often described as visuo-spatial, visual perceptual, or visual processing problems. These are areas of visual functioning that take place in the mind and brain rather than in the eyes, so a person with “20/20” eyesight may have visuo-cognitive deficits.

We tailor our approach and our therapeutic regime to your child’s particular needs, designed specifically to address and to remedy his or her condition in the most positive and nurturing way possible. All vision therapy is performed in a one-to-one setting, customized by our doctors for your child.

Visuo-cognitive delays can easily be misdiagnosed as learning disabilities or other developmental delays.  VIsuo-cognitive delays can also accompany other developmental delays.  Some of the symptoms that demonstrate that your child may have a visuo-cognitive delay are:

  • Difficulty putting thoughts on paper (words or drawings)
  • Higher Verbal/ lower Performance IQ scores
  • Lack of organization, for example, is able to do the homework but can’t find it to turn it in or doesn’t know how to start a simple task.
  • Frequently says “I can’t” before trying
  • Poor understanding of personal space, for example:  a “close talker,” bumps into people or stands very close to people.
  • Being “lost in space”, for example: confused, distressed or overly excitable in a large, open environment such as a sports stadium, gymnasium or shopping mall.
  • Constantly touching the walls or furniture
  • Difficulty understanding visually presented classroom work
  • Poor ability to follow instructions (i.e. poor sequencing)

Download a comprehensive symptoms checklist

The types of improvements one can expect vary depending on the depth of the problem.  Once the vision problems are corrected patients often experience life changing improvements.

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