Did you know that your rights to privacy and access to your medical records are protected by federal and Maryland state laws?

Find out more about how the VCDC protects you and your medical data!

– Notice of Privacy Practices –

If you need any assistance related to HIPAA, contact me via email at hipaa@visiontherapydc.com

or feel free to schedule a time to speak over the phone:

request an appointment

If your primary insurer is Medicare Part B:

Please call our office to receive your Insurance details for administrative processing.

As an additional step, you will be asked to complete an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) document for non-covered services.

Please note: The examination process may vary depending on your specific insurance details and selected services.

Release Authorization (HIPAA)

Our doctors often like reviewing previous clinical records to familiarize themselves with the patient’s profile and medical background.

To this end, we request that you complete a Medical Records Release Authorization.

Completing this form will allow our doctors to request records from your previous medical providers on your behalf. 

Typical records that our doctors like to request include:

  • Prior vision care records (excluding those conducted by a pediatrician or by school screenings)

  • Previous Therapeutic Evaluation Reports (such as from physical or occupational therapies)

  • Neuropsychological Evaluation Reports

  • Concussion or Brain Injury Physiatry Management Notes

Please complete, sign, and return to us a separate form for each provider.

Please be sure to fill out the form in its entirety. Thank you!

Once we receive the needed information

Our doctors will meet with you virtually, usually for 20 to 30 minutes.

Young children are usually discouraged from attending the meeting unless they are mature enough to handle conversations about their medical conditions.

Again, this appointment is designed to have an uninterrupted, one-on-one conversation with the doctor. It will include topics regarding their review of any medical records and intake questionnaires that you submit, in addition to any information that you may discuss at that time.

From there, our doctors make a recommendation on the type of examination in-person that best suits the patient, or if it makes more sense to make a referral for other services.

For a refresher on the types of evaluations that we provide, Click Here.