Starting new chapters means the closing of the last. Today, we bid a bittersweet farewell to our beloved Vision Therapist, Sona Vaghela. For the past year, Sona has been an essential member of our team, dedicating herself to guiding numerous individuals on their path to better vision.

And now, with excitement, we share that Sona is embarking on a new journey; a Doctorate in Optometry! This fall, she will return to Memphis and attend the Southern College of Optometry, on scholarship!! While she will no longer be with us in-person, Sona will continue online with our Home Vision Therapy (HVT) check-in sessions.


Sona got us “The Color Monster” by Anna Lena, especially since our “Arlo Needs Glasses” by Barney Saltzberg got beat up in the waiting room.

The Color Monster!


Then, Marquita got Sona a gift~

Marquita giving Sona her gift.


Group Picture!

1..2..3… Say “VCDC!!!”


On another day, Truc gave Sona an Adventure Time painting!

Sona and Jake in the Land of Ooo



“Best Eye Doctors”

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