-Updated 3/12/20

To clarify: the VCDC will remain open for in-person visits. Should this change, you will be updated. We are offering Virtual VT telemedicine visits, via Zoom, for those who request it or who are unable to attend in-person appointments. Virtual VT is an optional service.

Worried about the coronavirus?

As of 03/10/20, we are fortunate that there are only a few isolated cases in Montgomery County. However, to be proactive and keep us and you well, this is what we are doing at the VCDC to ensure vision therapy continues with as few disruptions as possible.

  1. We are strictly enforcing the 50-minute session time. Our session duration has always been 50 minutes, but there have been many instances when Vision Therapists have gone over time to ensure patients and families have a solid understanding of home activities. We must allow VTs sufficient time for:

  2. Thorough disinfection between patients. While it has been standard protocol to disinfect items that may come in contact with a person’s face between each patient, we are expanding that to include all frequently-handled items.

  3. Reducing books/toys in reception area. If you have a little one you need to entertain, please bring your own books or toys. We have disinfectant wipes and sanitizer available in the reception area to clean your items before you take them back home.

  4. Reducing items handled during VT sessions.

  5. Regular disinfection of door handles, furniture, and other frequently-touched items.

  6. Reducing number of individuals in the therapy room at a given time. VTs will attempt to stagger home practice review. Parents and caregivers, please speak to your VT about home practice before leaving the office.

  7. Education of staff of appropriate hand-washing technique with posted signage as a reminder.

  8. Preparation for Virtual VT sessions. Vision therapists have computers and materials at the office and their homes to enable Virtual VT sessions via Skype or Zoom.

For patients, parents and caregivers:

  1. If anyone in your household is sick, please stay home. Many of our patients can attend Virtual VT sessions via Skype or Zoom.

  2. If scheduled for Virtual VT, please check your email ahead of time: your VT may be sending you a web link or materials to print.

  3. Please bring your personal home therapy kit items so you don’t have to share with others. This applies in particular to items that may touch the face.

  4. Bring toys/books to entertain little ones.

  5. Practice hand hygiene: https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200306/power-of-hand-washing-to-prevent-coronavirus You can teach kids to (slowly) sing the ABC song while washing to ensure they’re not rushing.

  6. Handshake alternatives: How about an elbow bump instead?

  7. Cough/sneeze into elbow or a tissue (followed by handwashing).

  8. Promote staying healthy by getting plenty of rest, exercise, healthy food, and avoiding stress. All good for your visual system, too!

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