Dr. Mehrnaz Green (blue hat) gave talks at both the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association and American Optometric Association. Swithin David (top hat) finally filled out the paperwork to become a Certified Vision Therapist. Sona Vaghela (small antlers, earmuffs) was accepted into the Southern College of Optometry on a scholarship.

Truc Le (red hat, glasses) started college on full scholarship as an Honors Student. Marquita Johnson (red scarf) joined as the newest member of our administrative team. Over 20 LD Potomac Scouts Troop members earned their Vision Awareness Badge at our “Vision Night” event.

Why is next year looking even better?

Sight & Sound

In addition to the most advanced vision therapy and rehabilitation in the area, we will now be providing the Integrated Listening System for select individuals! This sound program has been shown to be effective for people with:

· attention difficulties,

· auditory processing disorders,

· reading and learning difficulties,

· phonemic awareness problems,

· self-esteem,

· alertness,

· focus, and

· energy levels.


As part of our technology upgrade, we’ve gotten some cool new devices to enhance therapy. We’re especially excited about the VTS4 HoloLens – vision activities in augmented reality goggles.

“Say What?”

Dr. Green will be presenting a virtual talk on visual-spatial reasoning and developmental delays as part of the Profectum conference on Sundays, Jan 29th & Feb 5th. This is open to all. Click here for details.


We’re looking for ambitious high school & college students interested in gaining clinical and research skills. Former interns have used their experiences to gain admission to graduate programs and become doctors of:

· Medicine

· Optometry

· Psychology

· Audiology

· Social Work

· Occupational Therapy

· Biomedical Engineering

If you are interested in joining our team as an intern, please contact Swithin@VisionTherapyDC.com for more information.

“Best Eye Doctors”

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