We want to thank everyone who came out to support us at the Funville Parenting Fair at White Flint Mall last Saturday. We really feel like it was a great success, and had a blast playing bean bag toss with all the kids. It was a good opportunity to educate parents about the importance of healthy vision for success in school.

Most of the parents we spoke with mentioned that their children had undergone a vision screening at school, and that “everything was fine’. What most parents don’t realize is that in the majority of school screenings will NOT catch binocular vision problems, or other visual problems that affect reading and deskwork.I have seen many many children who have passed school or pediatrician vision screenings yet continue to needlessly struggle with undiagnosed vision problems.

It is important for children to have an annual eye and vision examination with a licensed eye doctor who specializes in children’s vision, particularly as it relates to learning. Developmental Optometrists specialize in children’s vision, and evaluate the multiple visual skills one needs for school and work success. To find a Developmental Optometrist near you, go to COVD.org.

Symptoms you should not ignore:

  1. Tiring easily while reading

  2. Avoiding near tasks such as reading

  3. Squinting, closing, or covering one eye

  4. Difficulty tracking moving objects (such as a ball)

  5. Shortened attention span

  6. Making errors copying

  7. Crooked or poorly spaced writing

  8. Confusing right and left

  9. Reversing numbers, letters, or words

  10. Print “runs together” or “words jump”

  11. Print seems to move, or comes in and out of focus when reading

  12. Text seems to double when reading, driving, or looking at signs

  13. Unusual posture or head tilt while reading or writing

  14. Skipping lines or losing place while reading or copying

  15. Rereading or skipping words

  16. Difficulty using binoculars

  17. Difficulty judging distance

  18. Seeing more clearly with one eye with best eyeglass prescription

If you experience any of these difficulties, or would like to learn more, visit us at www.VCDCwashington.com.

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